Marya Vande-Doyle, President (2008- current)

Mrs. Vande-Doyle is an innovative, energetic and fiercely committed leader with expertise in the development, execution and growth of community-based programs. Marya dedicates her time to investigating, benchmarking and developing evidence-based programs serving her intense commitment to improve the health, comfort and safety of rural populations. Mrs. Vande-Doyle has a proven ability to navigate networks and overcome social system silos while developing trust, integrity and branding for her projects. Marya’s experience in community collaboration is integral in the success of Green Angels outreach.

In 2008 Mrs. Vande-Doyle pioneered the Community Resource Guide for the Green Angels. The Community Resource Guide and www.wayneresourceguide.org are a county wide health and human service directory which in November of 2018 will have printed the fifth edition and distributed in excess of 50,000 copies to seniors, veterans, children, schools, county/state service providers and libraries.

Mrs. Vande-Doyle is married to her husband of 28 years, with whom she adores raising her two sons in the rural beauty of Wayne County, NY. Marya is a proud 1994 graduate of a women’s college, Simmons College, Boston, MA, holds a Master of Healthcare Administration with nationally accredited Ohio University and currently works for Elsevier in Drug Information Content Strategy, US Market at Elsevier, and was awarded the 2019 NY State Woman of the Year by NY State Senator Pamela Helming.

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